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Old McDonald Had A Farm cartoon nursery rhyme song

About this Lesson

  • Type: Video Tutorial
  • Length: 3:20
  • Media: Video/mp4
  • Use: Watch Online & Download
  • Access Period: 14 Days
  • Download: MP4 (iPod compatible)
  • Size: 13 MB
  • Posted: 10/04/2011

Old MacDonald Had A Farm animated cartoon nursery rhyme.

The classic nursery rhyme song provides the perfect introduction to animals and the sounds they make. Learning and lots of fun for very young children in this new animated version of the traditional nursery rhyme song.

Ideal for babies and children up to the age of seven, this song helps young children to begin to discover the fascination of animals, with a bucket load of singalong fun. This video also helps to strengthen the bond between children and their guardians, by triggering memories in the adult of their own early childhood.

With beautiful original artwork and animation to appeal to young children, this nursery rhyme video has a powerful effect on children of all ages, bringing a huge amount of pleasure and helping to focus their attention. Don't be surprised if your child requests numerous repeats, and insists on daily viewings!

Along with brightly coloured cartoon images, the song itself is recorded with real instruments and a lively arrangement, to stimulate and entertain while retaining the authentic words, tune and metre of the original, traditional song.

The video also contains full lyrics in the form of subtitles to assist in singing along and making this a truly interactive experience.

While parents and grandparents will cherish this video, it is also ideal for teachers, nursery teachers, childminders and those caring for children with special needs. This video is also highly suitable for teaching English as a Foreign Language.

Running time 3 minutes 20 seconds.

About this Author

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Hi, I'm Emma, I'm an artist and my husband Olly is a professional musician. We have been making animated nursery rhyme videos for 3 years now, and we hope our videos will provide an experience for you and your little ones to enjoy together.

We hope you like them :)


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This lesson has not been reviewed.
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Old MacDonald had a farm,
ee - i - ee - i - oh,
And on that farm he had a cow,
ee - i - ee - i - oh.

With a moo moo here and a moo moo there,
Here a moo, there a moo,
Everywhere a moo moo,
Old MacDonald had a farm,
ee - i - ee - i - oh.

[Song continues with verses for sheep, a pig, ducks and a horse]

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